Pathfinder - Stand and fish with confidence Freedom 12 - Stand and fish with confidence

The next generation of great fishing kayaks. Stand, sit, paddle, pole, motor, troll, float… deep water reefs, coastal flats, rivers and ponds. This boat does it all!

Featuring the same patented outrigger as the Freedom 12, this kayak offers three outrigger positions based on degrees of efficiency and stability. It paddles like a conventional kayak in position one. Position two offers maximum stability for standup fishing and the third position offers a blend of efficiency and stability for poling or motoring. This boat features maximum performance for longer paddling trips and the added freeboard and upswept bow make the Pathfinder dry in the most challenging open water fishing conditions.

Standard features include: Internal dry storage, casting brace, scuppers, 2 rod holders, high back seat, and inserts for optional motor mount. Stand or sit…the world’s best stand–up kayak is now the best sit down kayak as well.

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standing h2 stability

The first angling kayak designed from the waterline up to allow the user to stand—safely, and comfortably—thanks to our PATENTED, integrated outrigger design.

paddling h2 paddling

Our PATENTED integrated outrigger design can be easily deployed from the seated position for stable stand-up kayak fishing or retracted for paddling.

transporting h2 transporting

The outriggers are easily removed for transport and storage. When removed, the overall length of the kayak is reduced to
10' 6".

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Patented Inline Outriggers

Patented Inline Outriggers

The Pathfinder features a redesigned Inline Outrigger System (also featured on Freedom 12) which provides an additional position for the angler, revolutionizing kayak fishing with its efficiency and stability. (Click image for larger view.)

3 Piece Breakdown

Breaks down into 3 Pieces for Transportation and Storage

Like all Freedom Hawk Models, the Pathfinder can be disassembled in 2 minutes resulting in 3 light weight pieces and a carrying weight of only 60 pounds making it easy to store and transport. (Click image for larger view.)

Upswept Bow

Upswept Bow with Carolina Flare and Volume

Like today’s best offshore power boats the pathfinder also features extra bow volume and flare for added dryness and a soft ride in even the worst open water conditions. This Freedom Hawk is the first to be specifically designed for offshore and open water fishing. (Click image for larger view.)

Casting Brace

Casting Brace

Stand with 100% confidence with this black anodized support brace. It can easily be retracted for long paddles or transportation. A great assist item when stand–up fishing in rough water or hit by an unexpected boat wake. (Click image for larger view.)

Motor Mount

Optional Motor Mount Availble

Inserts on the stern deck allow the easy installation of an optional motor mount. Turn your kayak into a motor assisted boat and increase range and fishing options. (Click image for larger view.)



The pathfinder comes standard with 8 scuppers and 6 drain plugs. Six in the floor of the boat, one in the seat well and one in the stern deck tackle well. These keep the hull dry and allow water to freely exit the hull when paddling in rain or rough water conditions. (Click image for larger view.)

Tackle Console

Molded in Tackle Console

This extra tackle console or small tackle well is a great place to keep small tackle cases, camera boxes, or even a small battery for motor equipped models. Easy to access and semi–dry with built in scupper. (Click image for larger view.)

Oversized Bow Hatch

Oversized Bow Hatch and Internal Storage

Carry extra gear even oversized camping equipment. This hatch can also be used to protect rods and tackle when launching from the beach in surf conditions. Easy to access from shore and on the water. (Click image for larger view.)

Stern Storage

On-Board Storage in Stern Outriggers

Each outrigger doubles as a dry storage compartment with easy to access hatches. These can be used for extra clothing or smaller gear items or as a fish box to transport the daily catch back to shore. (Click image for larger view.)

Adjustable Foot Rests

Adjustable Foot Rests

Provides proper fit and performance, keeping things comfortable by tailoring the boat to anyone at the controls. (Click image for larger view.)

High-back Seat

High-back Seat

The adjustable High Back Seat provides comfort and performance for hours on end. (Click image for larger view.)

Elite Angler Seat

Elite Angler Seat - now standard on the Pathfinder

Adding the Elite Angler Seat option makes this kayak the most comfortable sit–down fishing kayak on the market. Great for Anglers who fish all day or troll. (Click image for larger view.)

Rod Holders

Flush Mount Rod Holders

The pathfinder comes standard with two flush mount rod holders, allowing you to effortlessly paddle or stand with your favorite poles in close proximity. (Click image for larger view.)

Carry Handle

Molded in Bow Carry Handle

Great for portaging, transporting, or running an anchor line off the bow. (Click image for larger view.)

Beverage Holders

Two-Cup/Beverage Holders

Keeping yourself hydrated is important. Store your favorite beverages in these over-sized cup holders. (Click image for larger view.)

Detailed Specifications

Total Hull Outriggers   Total Body Only Max Weight Capacity
14' 2" 10' 4" 50" 31" 98 lbs. 61 lbs. 450 lbs.
432 cm 315 cm 127 cm 79 cm 44.5 kg 38.5 kg 181 kg
Available Colors colors Available Colors colors
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"We just got our first Pathfinder. WOW! Definitely the best Freedom Hawk yet! We are going to sell a bunch of these" – Florida Dealer

"Other companies say you can stand and fish from their boats, but it just isn’t true. I love my new Pathfinder!" –South Carolina Customer

"How soon can I get one?... Finally a Freedom Hawk for west coast anglers!" –A.R., California

"I purchased a Freedom Hawk for fishing the flats on the Texas Gulf coast. It is everything I was looking for and I actually use it more than my flats skiff. –B.P., Texax

"I wish I had this for tuna fishing last fall… oh well, just in time for duck hunting" H.E., Massachusetts

"I am an Aussie planning to buy a fishing kayak in the near future. Browsing the web I stumbled on this news article about your new Pathfinder kayak (Click here to view.) This kayak is exactly what I am after!" –R.G., Australia

"Absolutely the best kayak I have ever fished!!!!!!!!!" –A.M., Pasadena, TX

"The articulated pontoons are blowing my mind, very cool." – P.V. New Jersey